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Associate Laboratory INESC TEC

INESC Technology and Science – INESC TEC –  is an Associate Laboratory coordinated by INESC Porto that incorporates LIAAD, CRACS, UGEI and CISTER as Associate Units and HASLab as its Privileged Partner. The Associate Laboratory brings together close to 770 researchers, of which 240 have PhDs, forming a robust centre of scientific and technological development in Portugal with notable international presence.

The Ministry of Education and Science grants Associate Laboratory status to institutions or Units associated with the national science and technology system. These institutions or Units must have earned the classification of Excellent (or Very Good) in international evaluations, they must be strongly committed to improving the quality of science in Portugal and must play a central role in this process. The FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology is responsible for administrative relations, public funding and evaluating the Associate Laboratories.  

INESC Porto was recognised as an Associate Laboratory in 2002. In 2011 the institute proposed a new broader structure for the Associate Laboratory and this was officially recognised by the Ministry of Science.

This marked the creation of INESC TEC that for the next 10 years will incorporate:
• INESC Porto, its Units (U) and Center (C)
o USE – Power Systems Unit
o UTM – Telecommunications and Multimedia Unit
o UOSE – Optoelectronics and Electronic Systems Unit
o UESP – Manufacturing Systems Engineering Unit
o USIG – Information and Computer Graphic Systems Unit
o ROBIS – Robotics and Intelligent Systems Unit
o UITT – Innovation and Technology Transfer Unit
o C-BER - Biomedical Engineering Research


• the Associate Units
o LIAAD – Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support
o CRACS – Center for Research in Advanced Computing Systems
o UGEI– Unit of Industrial Management and Engineering
o CISTER - Research Centre in Real-Time and Embedded Computing Systems
• and the Privileged Partner
o HASLab – High-Assurance Software Laboratory

Additional information and contacts for the Associate Units and the Privileged Partner:

LIAAD – Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support
LIAAD focuses on decision support systems with special emphasis on data mining, forecasting, adaptive modelling and optimisation with applications in marketing, finance, process scheduling, health, text information retrieval and many other areas.
Coordinator: Alípio Jorge

CRACS – Center for Research in Advanced Computing Systems
CRACS conducts R&D in the fields of programming language, parallel and distributed computing, data mining, intelligent systems and software architecture with emphasis on resolving specific problems in multi-disciplinary areas such as Biology, Medicine and Chemistry.
Coordinator: Fernando Silva 

UGEI– Unit of Industrial Management and Engineering
UGEI works in the areas that bring Engineering, Management and Social Sciences together and aims to identify processes, techniques and indicators of efficiency in institutions. The Unit's strategy is based on the concept of ‘problem-driven research’ which requires the development of solutions that are adjusted to the needs of each company or institution.
Coordinator: Bernardo Almada-Lobo

CISTER – Research Centre in Real-Time and Embedded Computing Systems
CISTER focuses its activity in the areas of real-time communication networks and protocols; wireless sensor networks; real-time operating systems and programming paradigms; distributed and embedded real-time computer systems; cooperative computing and applications QoS-aware (Quality of Service); programming and planning analysis  (including multiprocessor systems); and cyber-physical systems.
Coordinator: Eduardo Tovar

HASLab – High-Assurance Software Laboratory
The main goal of the laboratory is to produce reliable software systems in contexts where the careful consideration of characteristics such as correctness, responsiveness, robustness and security is compulsory, since they are typically subject to certification. HASLab develops integrated research along three lines and approaches problems by taking advantage of the synergy between them: formal methods for software development, dependable distributed systems and information security.
Coordinator: Rui Oliveira

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